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Review Copies

If you are an educator and wish to consider one or more of our books or our business plan software for adoption as course material, we will provide you with a review copy.


·      eBooks: For each book you request, we will arrange a FREE eBook review copy via download. Call 714-544-0248.

·      Business Plan Software: If you wish to review our Automate Your Business Plan software for use in your school program, we will arrange a FREE download. Call 714-544-0248.

·      Hard Copies: If you want a hard copy of the book you are considering for adoption, we charge a prepaid fee of $10.00 per book to offset our costs. If you need a hard copy of the software (includes the book, Anatomy of a Business Plan), we charge a prepaid fee of $30.00.

To Order Review Hard Copies: Please Click Here for the Review Copy Order Form. Complete the form and FAX or mail it to us. Please indicate your method of payment. We accept checks, money orders, or credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Be sure to completely fill out the form. You may also order by telephone. However, the order will not be processed unless we have received an email follow-up from you with your contact information and a message regarding the purpose of your review copy request.


All orders will be sent to promptly unless the ordered item is temporarily out-of-stock. In that case, your order will be sent out as soon as the title is available – which should be within a few days of your request. 

Instructor Copies

We will provide a free instructor's copy for each adopted title ordered through the bookstore. We also can provide instructor manuals (see below)) for our three titles: Anatomy of a Business Plan, Steps to Small Business Start-Up, and Keeping the Books. Instructors are invited to contact us by telephone (714-544-0248) regarding supplementary materials.


         ·        To Order Instructor Copies: Please Click here to access our printable Review/Instructor Copy Order Form.  All instructor copy requests must be accompanied by either a copy of your bookstore's purchase order indicating quantity and the date of order or a copy of your requisition to the bookstore. 

         ·        If you have purchased a site license for Automate Your Business Plan software, an instructor’s copy will automatically be shipped to the school with your order. You will be free to install the software on your school, laptop, and home computers.

Instructor Manuals

We have instructor’s manuals for Anatomy of a Business Plan, Steps to Small Business Start-Up, and Keeping the Books. They are FREE to our prospective and current instructors. The instructor’s manuals are PDF manuals. They have lesson plans for each chapter, extensive presentation slides, and two tests covering the material. If you are considering adoption of one of these books (or if you are a current instructor), send an email to LPinson@aol.com requesting a copy. We will return an email to you with the instructor’s manual attached. Please write “Instructor Manual Request” in the subject box of the email. Also include your contact information and the reason you are requesting the instructor’s manual.


For Anatomy of a Business Plan and Automate Your Business Plan, we have a short presentation that will introduce you to the content and some of the benefits of using the book and software. It can be viewed and downloaded on our web site here. 

Site Licenses for Automate Your Business Plan

We have many universities, vocational schools, and small business development centers using our business plan software in a computer lab environment. By paying a one-time fee, the software will be licensed for multi-users on multiple computers. This means that once installed, the software will be available for current and future classes of students writing their business plans in the computer lab under the guidance of an instructor or through independent study.  Click here for site license information and a site license order form. 




If you have any questions regarding adoption of our books and software, the ordering of review or instructor copies, or software site licenses, please feel free to give us a call – or you can e-mail us. We will be more than happy to help you in any way that we can. 

Telephone:  714-544-0248      Email: lpinson@aol.com 

Address:    Out of Your Mind...and Into the Marketplace 
                 13381 White Sand Drive 
                 Tustin, CA, USA 92780-4565 


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Spanish Language Editions: Anatomy of a Business Plan is now available in a Spanish language edition. We have translated the business plan financial spreadsheets from our software into Spanish and we have a Spanish-Language Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation.  We also have 18 pasos para desarrollar tu negocio, a Spanish language book and eBook comparable to Steps to Small Business Start-Up.

Anatomia de un Plan de Negocio

18 pasos para desarrollar tu negocio


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Company Profile

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