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Keeping the Books

2014 8th edition

Print and eBook

Basic Recordkeeping and Accounting for Small Business

Plus Up-to-Date Tax Forms & Information


Keeping the Books

  Maximizing Tax Deductions

  Setting Up Your General Records

  Developing Financial Statements

  Planning Your Cash Flow (Budget)

  Financial Statement Analysis

  Tax Guide: Understanding & Filing

     IRS Forms and Returns

  Recordkeeping Schedules

  Cash vs. Accrual Accounting

  Hiring Independent Contractors

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8thed. eBook!

Keeping the Books eBook

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"Think of this as the publishing equivalent of eating your spinach... tells you everything you ever wanted or needed to know about financial paperwork."

Inc. Magazine 



The Book You Need to Maximize Your Profits

Keeping the Booksnow in its 30th year, is one of the most successful and effective guides to preparing and analyzing financial statements, setting up bookkeeping systems and planning for taxes!  A favorite in classrooms and libraries and widely used in colleges, universities, small business development centers, and vocational training courses, Keeping the Books has helped hundreds of thousands of new entrepreneurs to understand and apply small business accounting practices that have contributed significantly to increased profits.


Keeping the Books offers comprehensive, easy-to-follow information on maximizing your company’s deductions, developing budgets and projections, using double- and single-entry accounting, creating balance sheets and profit & loss statements, and developing financial statement ratio analysis. 

Plus…You Will Find

·   the most current tax forms and worksheets for each legal structure 

·   detailed explanations of tax code revisions that apply to your small business

·    online addresses for small business resources and free IRS publications


Keeping the Books was written with the assumption that you are starting from scratch and know nothing about the recordkeeping process.  

By the time you have finished applying the simple principles in the book, you will understand how all of the pieces of the accounting puzzle fit together to develop a simple, but accurate set of books that will give you the tools you need to increase your profitability. Keep the IRS and yourself happy with records that are 100% verifiable and retrievable!

Why do you need Keeping the Books if you have accounting software? 

Even the simplest accounting software requires that you understand and apply some basic accounting terms and principles. Your information must be correctly input into accounting software or you will not be able to generate the financial reports that you will need for business analysis and for tax reporting. Keeping the Books goes that extra mile to keep you from becoming a "garbage in, garbage out" accounting software user.



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"Think of this as the publishing equivalent of eating your spinach... tells you
everything you ever wanted or needed to know about financial paperwork." 

Inc. Magazine 

Excellent Resource (January 27, 2008) - "This book has been a great guide tool. Helps you understand what you should have for your business even if you have no accounting experience. Very step by step and leads you in the right direction to follow up and increase knowledge."               TRB, Detroit, MI (on Amazon.com)

"A Concise, user-friendly workbook that will help you maintain all the basic records... One of the most comprehensive, accessible books for small business owners that we at Money Book Club have ever seen."                Money Book Club 

"Covers the basics of setting a recordkeeping system that is both retrievable and trackable."                                                                                    Nation's Business 


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Keeping the Books





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