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Automate your Business Plan

Automate your Business Plan


2014 8thedition

Anatomy of a Business Plan


Anatomy of a Business Plan eBook


Order and Download Business Plan Software (without eBook)

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Order and Download Business Plan Software with eBook
(includes Anatomy of a Business Plan eBook.)

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Order Shipment of Software Package
(includes Anatomy of a Business Plan book.)

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˜   Site licenses and quantity discounts available for schools, training centers, and businesses

˜   Call 714-544-0248 to ask about our discount on the software if you already own the book.


"Anatomy of a Business Plan and Automate Your Business Plan have served as excellent business planning and financial analysis tools for Dale Carnegie® Training Centers Worldwide."

Marc K. Johnston, Senior Vice President Franchise Development

 "Simply put, Automate your Business Plan is the best step-by-step guide to starting, building, and raising capital for your business. With the guidance of your excellent business plan book, Anatomy of a Business Plan, and your business planning software, we have raised more than $20 million for our clients by using AYBP and we have an additional $15 million pending. Use it; it works!"

Thomas Jay Wacker, Board Member Centaur Holdings Corporation



The 2015 Version of Automate Your Business Plan has
many exciting new features. Click Here for more information



Requested and Tested for Use by the SBA

Automate Your Business Plan's business plan book and business planning software have been requested, reviewed, and recognized by lenders, investors, and by the SBA.

The SBA in Washington D.C. evaluated Automate Your Business Plan and requested our business planning software and book packages for use in their training programs throughout the U.S. By request of the SBA, our book, "Anatomy of Business Plan" (Ben Franklin Award - Best Business Book of the Year), was also condensed by Linda Pinson into SBA Publication MP-32, How to Write a Business Plan.



The Lawyer's Guide to Creating a Business Plan:
A Step-by-Step Business Planning Software Package

Linda Pinson has created a customized (for law practices) version of Automate Your Business Plan for The American Bar Association. It is available at ABA Publishing and specially discounted for ABA members.

A business plan is the blueprint for your law firm’s financial success. Without a business plan, a firm is essentially rudderless, and day-to-day decisions are likely to be haphazard and reactive, in stark contrast to those firms implementing a well thought out business plan. Designed for lawyers, The Lawyer's Guide to Creating Your Business Plan is a complete, easy-to-use customized Windows-based business planning software package that is the fastest, easiest way to research and write a winning business plan for a law firm. It’s perfect for new or existing law firms, of every size!

Click Here!


See a Finished Example of a
Business Plan

Click here to view and/or print out 
a full example business plan developed by a user of our business planning software, 

Note:  The business plan is a PDF file and must be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
If you do not already have Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download a free copy of it here.

"Automate Your Business Plan" assumes you know nothing about writing a business plan. We walk you through the process and make your job easier.


Our step-by-step planning process will enable you to organize your industry expertise into a working business plan that will attract capital and ensure success. Automate Your Business Plan helps you create a defensible plan! 

¾   Complete instructions will guide you through each part of our plan. 

  Special Web page "hot links" you to marketing & financial research sites. 

¾   Five complete real-life business plans (2 product and 3 service companies including a dot.com, a restaurant, and a nonprofit organization) serve as examples to help you overcome writer's block. 

¾   Automate Your Business Plan is a stand-alone business planning software. It is not a set of templates depending on someone else's software for compatibility and support. If you have any questions, call us for live support! 

Lenders and investors are turned off by canned business plans that look and sound like everyone else’s.  A customized working business plan is a plan to succeed.




Your plan will be tailored to your specific industry and situation.

¾  Research and write a winning executive summary and marketing plan. 

¾  Develop valid financial assumptions and projections for your business. 

These are some of the great features you will like in our software

¾  Instructions, examples, formatted files for entire plan; Word® and Excel© compatible

¾  All files set with headers, margins, fonts, print commands (includes Print Plan to PDF) 

¾  Write multiple plans and import/export your plan projects easily between home, office, and laptop computers (Yes, we allow you to install the software on all of your own computers).

¾  Create a PowerPoint presentation to go to lenders, investors, or strategic partners. We provide examples and templates for new and existing businesses.

We help you develop realistic financial projections so that you will be able to make the right decisions for a successful and profitable business future.







You will move with ease through your entire financial plan

¾  We set up and formulate all of your financial spreadsheets. 

¾  Our Chart of Accounts Wizard generates a customized spreadsheet workbook. 

¾  Numbers you input automatically flow to all related spreadsheets 

  Amortizing software calculates loan principal and interest payments

Your lender or investor will be happy to see all of the following financial information:

¾   Sources & Uses of Funds

¾  Quarterly Budget Analysis 

¾   Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement

¾  Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet 

¾   Three-Year Income Projection 

¾  Financial Ratio Analysis

¾   Break-Even Analysis 

¾  Charts & Graphs



Amortization Calculator

Print Plan to PDF

PowerPoint Presentation


Hot Linked Research Site

Ratio Analysis

Spreadsheet Wizard

Marketing Plan

View screen captures from AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN on the topics above.


Technical Requirements
Technical requirements for IBM/PC and Mac users.

Business Plan Outline
Comprehensive, printable business plan outline utilizing the process from Automate Your Business Plan

Testimonials from lenders, educators, business owners, consultants & govt. agencies


Power Point Presentation

Click Here to go to our
PowerPoint Presentation

Anatomy of a Business Plan
Automate Your Business Plan
(takes approx 5 min.)


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Automate Your Business Plan

Anatomy of a Business Plan

Anatomy of a Business Plan eBook

Steps to Small Business Start-Up

Keeping the Books





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