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Welcome Educators,  

Small businesses are fueling the economy of this nation and the world.  Universities, colleges, and vocational schools have discovered that skills in a field of concentration do not prepare their students for the "business of doing business".  Entrepreneurial courses are rapidly being added to the curriculum to educate students in the development of their businesses.

Our job is to help you as educators by providing textbooks and software that will give your students the best chance to turn their skills into small businesses.  
Twenty-eight years ago, we developed a small business series (all now in new 8th editions) that will guide entrepreneurs through the business basics: 1. business start-up, 2. small business accounting, 3. marketing, and 4. business planning. We rounded out our entrepreneurial series with a business plan software program, Automate Your Business Plan (companion to our book, Anatomy of a Business Plan). The first three books below cover all four components in detail. Because they were written and developed by the same nationally-recognized author (Click Here for Bio: Linda Pinson), they stand alone as textbooks for separate courses or work together to provide a comprehensive entrepreneurial training series – perfectly maintaining the continuity and flow of information throughout. Click Here for an overview of classes developed in conjunction with our materials.

Spanish Business Books: The last two textbooks on the right are Spanish language translations of Anatomy of a Business Plan and Steps to Small Business Start-Up. These two books are for Hispanic business owners who are not fluent in English or who would prefer to read in their native language.


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Description: business plan toolkit
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We are especially proud of our excellent business plan book, Anatomy of a Business Plan, and its companion software, AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN (for Windows® XP and, Windows® 7 thru 10).  Our business planning software and book are used extensively throughout the nation at universities, colleges, technical schools, SBDCs, and other government centers. Anatomy of a Business Plan (now in its 8th edition) has been translated into Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and other languages, was published in English by the Charter Institute of Banking for the UK and Europe, and localized for publication in Australia. An eBook edition of Anatomy of a Business Plan is available in both English and Spanish. To date, these award-winning business plan materials have helped more than a million and a half small business owners worldwide to operate more effectively and to generate higher profits. (Site Licenses are available for your computer labs)


Please Note:  All of our books (above) are also available as eBooks. We can offer you a wide choice and custom bundling of materials. You can choose the combination of books, eBooks, and/or business plan software that will best enable you to service your students.




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We Can Provide You With

Instructor's Manuals (Lesson Plans, Presentation Slides, and Tests)


Click on the Icon for an introduction to our  business planning process

Using Anatomy of a Business Plan & Automate Your Business Plan


The thing you will like most about our books (and software) is that they are written in a step-by-step format that is easy to teach from and easy for the students to follow – and – that we provide you with free instructor’s manuals.

There is a logical process for starting and running a small business. We provide the tools that simplify that process. These books and software were conceived as teaching materials in college classrooms twenty-eight years ago and have been frequently revised and refined to reflect the needs of entrepreneurs thirsting for the knowledge they need to translate their occupational skills into business ownership.


You will find that our books and software address the needs of both start-up businesses and more advanced high growth industries. In the classroom, you can stop with our beginner modules or move forward to the more advanced business processes, such as in-depth financial analysis training, where the small business owner will learn how to make decisions that will make it possible to set and meet aggressive goals.

Who Are Some of Our Education Customers? 

  • American Bar Association, Law Practice Management Division
  • American Embassies in Bolivia and Lima (PAS), Colombia Government
  • Texas A & M International University
  • FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Art Institute of Washington
  • CSUF (Cal State University Fullerton), CSUP (Cal State University Pomona)
  • Rutgers University,  Texas A&M International University
  • Boston College
  • Dale Carnegie® Training Centers Worldwide
  • Centers for Women and Enterprise (MA, NH, and RI), Women’s BDC, Philadelphia
  • Central Michigan University, Florida National University, NYU
  • University of Montana, University of Kentucky, University of Alaska
  • University of Central Florida, University of Miami, University of Missouri
  • University of New Hampshire, Central Michigan University
  • Eastern Wyoming University, North Carolina State University
  • Richmond (VA) Economic Development Corporation, Tri Co. Technology Center
  • Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, Sioux Falls SCORE 
  • SBDCs @ Rutgers, NH, Oceanside, CA, College of Du Page, Mt. SAC, Elgin, Illinois
  • N. Central Texas College Pasadena City College, Fullerton College, West L.A. College
  • Cal Poly, Illinois Central College, Minnesota West College, Crafton Hills College
  • Seminole Tribe of Florida, Blackfeet Women’s Business Center
  • Hispanic Business Consultants Entrepreneurial Training
  • New Covenant Christian School, New Jersey Economic Development Authority
  • Monterey High School, Centennial Senior High School
  • SBA BICs, 1-Stop Capital Shops, and Women's Business Development Centers
  • American Vocational Association, California Chamber of Commerce
  • UK & European Rights: Charter Institute of Banking
  • Spanish, Italian, Australian, and Chinese Educators using translations
  • - and many more -


Our books and software have outlasted thousands of new entrepreneurial publications that have subsequently been introduced into the market in the last twenty-five years. Because of our proven credibility, our books are now in nearly every library in the nation and are sold by most major bookstores. They have been adopted for classroom use in universities, colleges, high schools, vocational schools, and in corporate training programs. In the last few years, they have also been readily adopted as training materials in foreign countries, serving as guides for doing business abroad as well as facilitating the ability to work smarter with U.S. strategic partners.   


We Invite You to Learn More about our Books and Software

1.  For More Information on Books & Software:

Click on the corresponding book or software icon above for expanded content information and reviews/testimonials of each product.

3. Order a Review or Instructor Copy:

If you would like to consider a book or software package for a class, click here

for instructions for ordering a review and/or instructor copy.

2.  Site Licenses - Automate Your Business Plan:

Click Here to learn how to purchase a site license for Automate Your Business Plan for Windows®. Facilitate hands-on business plan education by working with your students in the computer lab.

4. Order Form for School Bookstore Buyer:

Click Here to access and print an order form that will expedite the ordering process for class materials and provide the school bookstore buyer with your purchase order information.

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Description: Home

Description: Company Profile

Description: Support Services

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